Human-Centered AI.

SoKat builds the most advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology solutions to unlock the hidden value of a government agency’s data. Our solutions aim to be cost-efficient, rapidly scalable, and most importantly, prioritize the human-user experience.

Next Generation Products

The competitive advantage of being a small business comprised primarily of leading academics and doctorate-level researchers is that we are constantly learning, growing and innovating. Rather than “move fast and break things”, our motto is “move fast and improve things”. Our end goal, of which we never lose sight, is to create advanced technology products to improve the quality of life for everyone.


Artificial Intelligence

Advance your agency’s mission by building, deploying and scaling with AI solutions, comprising of Intelligent Automation, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and other emerging technologies. Learn More


Protect and share your agency’s data with tools like smart contracts, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Learn More

Data Science

Frustrated about how to use your agency’s data to further its mission? We can ingest, curate and analyze real-time streaming data and make it into a usable product for the end-user. Learn More


Educate and train your entire agency workforce in Artificial Intelligence with innovative learning tools built by leaders in academia and industry, with decades of experience. Learn More

Cloud and Infrastructure

Start your path to the cloud and maintain momentum with cloud services that modernizes an agency’s strategies and tactics for the data science age. Learn More

Mobile applications

Innovate with highly scalable enterprise solutions leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Mobile Applications. Learn More


Awards and Accomplishments

2020 GSA Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning EULA Challenge Winner (Top 3) Read More
2020 ACT-IAC Igniting Innovation Transformer Winner GrantSolution Insight Read More
2018 & 2019 GCN Government Innovation Award Read More
Tech team heavily recruited from Johns Hopkins and Wall Street Read More
2018 December 1st Production development of Blockchain for Federal Grants documented by Booz Allen Hamilton’s funded reports by Data Foundation Read More