ACT-IAC represents how government and industry can effectively work together. ACT-IAC provide an objective and vendor-neutral forum trusted by both government and industry. ACT-IAC’s mission of creating a more effective and efficient government by providing a forum where those who share this vision can work together has remained steadfast.
BlockMedx is on a mission for social impact. The opioid crisis has ruined millions of lives and cost thousands more. Prevention through a network redesign and advanced analytics allows for early intervention when it matters the most. BlockMedx intends to evolve into a fully functional, trustless, and secure prescription platform that transmits and analyzes all types and classes of drugs.
EJEN’s mission is to tokenize the real estate industry. EJEN will issue an institutional-grade security token backed by real estate assets. This security token, initially backed by income-producing commercial real estate in the United States, will disrupt the capital financial markets by making tokenized real estate safer, more liquid, and less volatile than other digital currencies.
Quandl’s mission is to extract value from the world’s data. Quandl believes that data is one of the most important resources of the 21st century. It is ubiquitous. Data now arises from virtually everything humans and businesses do, every minute of every day. But how much of it has tangible value to capital markets? That is what Quandl asks every day. Quandl wants to inspire customers to make new discoveries and incorporate them into trading strategies.